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Property owners are legally responsible to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. If you have been caused to slip or trip and fall due to a dangerous condition caused by the property owner’s failure to properly maintain the property you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries. A property may not be properly cleaned, maintained or repaired and these failures may cause an accident and injury. A property owner may not properly remove snow, ice or other slippery conditions from their property which are leading causes of accidents. Some accidents are caused by the improper design of the property. There are legal requirements which must be met in order to prevail in these cases which you may not be aware of. If you are injured on someone else’s property due to a dangerous or unsafe condition, it is important that you retain an attorney with extensive experience in premises liability and/or slip/trip and fall cases. The attorneys at Frank J. Laine, P.C. have been successfully handling premises liability cases for decades, obtaining the full compensation our clients are entitled to. You should feel comfortable entrusting your important legal matter with us while you focus on your recovery.